Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Postcards: Obsession

Hello my name is Riya and I would like to talk about my postcard collection. I started collecting postcards in 2004 when I made my first visit to Borneo. It was so beautiful that I thought to myself how can I take a piece of this home with me. And there in front of me at the airport were loads of postcards staring at me. Then I thought yes why not get a postcard! And there....started the obsession.

Then I was thinking how nice it would be to have a postcard from every country in the world. But of course it seemed ridiculous to travel to every single country... I would have to be a millionaire to be able to do this. There began my online journey to find other collectors like me who shared the same interests.

There were a few websites I found and exchanged a few postcards and in the process found some really amazing friends. It is such a beautiful experience and I am always happy that I began this really interesting hobby.

Here are some photos of postcards and gifts I have received from my wonderful swappers...

From Japan
From Ukraine 
From Russia 
From Finland 

I have not really counted all my postcards yet but will do one day for sure if I have the time. As for my storage which many of you will wonder about, I store my postcards in big giant files and wrap them with cute present paper. On top of it I wrap it further with plastic covers.