Thursday, 15 May 2014

Disney Collection

Hello Everyone,

Today's post is for all those who adore Disney. I used to watch Disney cartoons from my childhood and still do till now. I don't think there is an age limit to watching anything beautiful.

So here's part of my  collection of Disney postcards, greeting cards and stickers from all over the world...

Mickey Mouse Postcard from Poland

 Minnie Mouse postcard from Japan
 Tangled Stickers from Russia
 Tiana and Cinderella postcard from Germany
 Tangled postcard from Finland
 Disney Princesses stickers from Sri Lanka

Tinkerbell postcard from Finland
Winnie the pooh and friends greeting cards from Lithuania
 Disney Princesses postcard from Finland
Cinderella postcard from Germany  
Brave Postcard from Finland 

Winnie the Pooh postcard from Poland
 Belle Postcard from Germany
 Princess Aurora postcard from Germany
 Alice postcard from Japan

Snow White postcard from Germany

Cinderella Invitation French card sent from Norway

Lion King Postcard from Finland
Please drop a comment or tell me if you are a Disney enthusiast too:)